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Welcome to the Society of Concurrent Product Development, SCPD.
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Did you miss the March SCPD/PMI-MN Webinar?
The Strategy Challenge: Best Practices for Performance Improvement
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Concurrency Summer 2014
Just Presented
SCPD Annual Conference
June 24 and 25, 2014
Concurrent Innovation: Closing the Strategy Execution Gap

The Society of Concurrent Product Development recently presented its annual conference at 3M’s Innovation Center in Maplewood, Minnesota. This year’s agenda featured speakers from 3M, Target, US Bank, Goodyear, and others.
Read Will Hill's white paper: What is the Value Added of the Society of Concurrent Product Development (SCPD)
Recently Presented
SCPD's 12th Annual
Concurrent Innovation Conference
At the 3M Innovation Center, Maplewood, MN, June 25 & 26, 2013
Concurrent Innovation: Strategically Impacting Our Future
Video Preview of the Conference
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Did YOU miss SCPD's 11th Annual Concurrent Innvovation Conference?

It was held at 3M Tartan Park, MN, June 26 & 27, 2012
Concurrent Innovation:
Best Practices for R&D Productivity

Read what attendees said about the 2011 SCPD conference
Read what Steve Jobs thought about Concurrent Engineering
The conference also included a tour of the 3M Innovation Center!
See the Conference 2012 Speakers Bios and talk abstracts

SCPD MEMBERS - The 11 complete Presentations are
online in Members' Docs with 7 Presenter audio interviews !
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Who We Are and What We Offer
We are an educational society seeking to disseminate the latest knowledge concerning all aspects of concurrent product development. Our technology base is particularly valuable to companies trying to learn from the trials and tribulations and the ultimate resolutions experienced by companies that have successfully implemented "Concurrent Product Development" or as it is sometimes known, "Concurrent Engineering".
We are inexpensive to join, have a 20 year track record of pushing knowledge forward in industry. We have produced 10 major conferences, and are hard at work on our 11th annual conference. We have substantial benefits available only to our members including: News and Notes, a huge data base of past conferences, papers, articles and publictions, access to a network of high level professionals, discounts to conferences. We invite you to explore the website with the links to the left. Of particular interest will be "Benefits", "New Members", and "Papers and News Articles".
More about SCPD & how to join
10th Annual SCPD Conference
Concurrent Innovation: The State and Future of R&D and PD
Held on June 28-29, 2011
8 presentations are now available to SCPD
members in the Members Only Documents
We are very proud of the superb content in our newsletter, Concurrency. Every issue contains thought provoking articles that have application in your daily struggle to develop high quality products faster and at lower cost. Here is a complete sample issue; Concurrency Summer 2008

Here are some more front pages from past issues of Concurrency. Our members have access to the full content of 23 Concurrency issues. That is over 400 pages of content relavant to your daily work in Concurrency alone. 400 Pages of invaluable content for our members Join here now!

Concurrency Summer 2008 Front Page
Concurrency Spring 2008 Front Page
Concurrency Winter 2007-2008 Front Page
Concurrency Spring 2007 Front Page
Concurrency Winter 2006-2007 Front Page
Concurrency Summer 2006 Front Page
Concurrency Spring 2006 Front Page

We hope these examples of one of our member benefits will encourage you to join our society.



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